Traffic Safety Equipment and Supplies

As part of our company’s continued commitment to safety, quality and efficiency, we have formed a new sister company.

Traffic Safety Equipment and Supply, LLC (TSES) is a DVBE certified company that provides our city, county, state and commercial customers a variety of solutions to meet unique and specific needs. Our team will analyze your needs and recommend pro-active solutions. Some of our current products and services include the following:


Drying and Surface Cleaning

Before completion of crack repairs, road marking, line marking, road safety tape application, or asphalt paving, the surface should be dry and clean. As the exclusive California distributor of Zirocco surface dryers and cleaners, Traffic Safety Equipment & Supply can provide a time-effective, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution to this problem.


All striping contractors, Caltrans, cities, and counties need to verify the reflecting capability of pavement markings. Traffic Safety & Equipment Supply offers this service with competitive rates and availability to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements. With our cutting-edge technology, we can take retro reflective reading at highway speeds resulting in no lane closures. This improves safety and is much more cost-effective that older methodologies.

Material Sales

Traffic Safety Equipment & Supply takes safety seriously and provides a variety of materials and supplies unique to the striping industry. These include pavement marking materials such a traffic paint, primer, thermoplastic, pavement markers, temporary and permanent tape. We also stock specialty items such as signs, delineators, and pre-formed thermoplastic. TSES has years of knowledge and experience as an end user and will make sure you have the right materials for your project. Also, we are a DVBE business and can help you meet your DVBE goal with competitive pricing.