Projects and Services

All of our services are aimed at providing quality, long-lasting performance work with the end-goal of optimum driver safety.

Projects and Services

All of our services are aimed at providing quality, long-lasting performance work with the end goal of optimum driver safety.



Safety Striping earned its reputation on the ability to complete freeway projects efficiently, on time and within budget constraints. With the latest equipment and technology, highly skilled crews, and innovative hands-on management, we partner with customers to ensure projects are on the best possible schedule. We routinely make suggestions to help keep costs under control. Because of the prevalence of freeways in our state, freeway striping is a core component of our business.


Our name says it all. When your project requires state, county, or municipal striping and marking maintenance, count on us for expert removal and installation of road markings, including: crosswalks, school zones, bike lanes, and other markings. We’re no stranger to challenging conditions. When traffic control is required, our focus on safety is second to none. Our crews are among the best in the industry and pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time.


Intimate knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration regulatory requirements and military specifications make Safety Striping your first choice in efficiently providing runway, taxiway, and tarmac markings. Our equipment is also utilized on airport parking lots, parking structures, and parking decks. All our crews are properly badged for military bases and civil airports and meet all Homeland Security compliance requirements, which allows us to efficiently and routinely perform airport maintenance.


Tight budgets are a reality for many municipal customers. Safety Striping endeavors to work within cost constraints whatever the need might be. When asked, our estimators will recommend budget-saving options for your projects ensuring that all work meets your specifications. We have performed striping and marking projects for schools, stadiums, municipal parking lots, bike lanes, traffic signals, and roadways including compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).


Safety Striping has provided the finishing touches on several commercial developments including parking lot striping and roadway signage and required markings including ADA requirements for office parks, subdivisions, homeowner’s associations, hotels, and shopping centers. Many commercial developments require offsite changes to existing roadways. We are very experienced in that task. Our field foreman and supervisors have extensive experience in following regulatory requirements needed to help keep these types of projects on schedule and work together with other trades.

What makes Safety Striping unique within our industry is our unwavering commitment to never cheat the customer. We refuse to cut corners to save a buck. For 70 years, we have exceeded customer expectations by prioritizing safety, quality and efficiency — in that order. 



Whatever your pavement surface or conditions, we have a striping solution to meet your needs. We are experts in installing a wide variety of paint, tape and thermoplastic products, using state-of-the-art equipment to complete your project as safely and efficiently as possible. Our team of well-trained, experienced applicators are equipped with the latest industry knowledge of surface prep, application requirements and techniques. We have solutions for increasing durability and wet-night visibility, thereby reducing your liability. We can even dry and warm roadways for installation of striping under marginal conditions.


Improper removal of striping & markings can be a black mark on an otherwise great looking project. Safety Striping understands this and maintains a wide variety of removal options including grinding (walk-behinds, skid steers, grinder trucks), shot blasting, water blasting and sand blasting. Is your existing stripe hazardous? No problem! We have decades of experience handling lead based paints and thermoplastics. No matter what your surface or condition, we have your solution.


Safety Striping was originally formed in 1950 as a striping & marking maintenance service company. This continues to be a major component of our day-to-day operations. We are experts in maintaining the existing striping and markings for cities, counties, State agencies of all sizes throughout the state. We have also maintained stadium parking lots, airports, military bases and national parks. If you have existing striping or markings, we can keep it looking great.


Safety Striping routinely and efficiently handles traffic control for our own work including stationary and moving lane closures and flagging. Our crewmembers are ATSSA-trained flaggers and traffic control technicians, making them proficient in best practices and regulatory requirements regarding traffic control.

Our highly-skilled core workforce is constantly training apprentices as we manage our growth. 


Our trained specialists can assist in inspecting the current condition of your striping, pavement markings or signs, and recommend solutions for maintaining required minimums and reducing liability. We have worked with many cities and counties to create pavement marking inventories, complete with maintenance recommendations. We also have the equipment and expertise to measure and map retroreflectivity and color contrast at highway speeds.

Working with Cal ATSSA, we assisted in developing a pavement marking inspection training program for public agency inspectors and engineers. Through this initiative, doors have been opened and Cal ATSSA members have been able to train Caltrans Inspectors and Resident Engineers statewide at all district offices.

As the oldest pavement marking contractor in California, we have spent decades building a reputation for honest dealings and doing quality work with an unwavering commitment to safety. We view our reputation as our most valuable asset, and work daily to preserve it with every decision we make on every job we perform.